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sâmbătă, 27 aprilie 2013


There is nothin but emptiness inside my emptiness that kills everything was once good of me.It's narrowing my power of choosing where to start and finish..I don't know anymore why I choosed this way..of living to the limit of my existence ..staying closed inside those walls full of hate and disappointment.I always believed I still have time,I'm the master of time itselfs and I can make it stop and run anytime I want.Sometimes I did it..or I thought I did..does it matter now..when I have plainty of time but no time for myself..?I wake up every morning with the same bad taste in my mouth..with my eyes covered by scars of my story life..I try to look for something that can make me open the door  and let the sun dry the tears from my face...but there is nothin than emptiness...

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